Saturday, October 28, 2006

OK, so I'm busy as hell, and it's Saturday. Not only did I end up working today, but I just got home from a Halloween party for the kids. So...No I did not draw today. However, I will for sure tomorrow. I did speak with a happy client today, who received his illustration. All went very well, and he was happy with his new artwork. That really felt good. It was a gorgeous 55 corvette. I only wish I could have gotten a scan of it. I was unable to finished a scanner big enough for it. I did take a photo of the finished art, (not Matted) but the photo quality was not good enough to present.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

I didn't write yesterday, as I am very sick with somesort of militant cold. However, I was able to finish this last night. I call it " Angry Rat" Can you find the rose? I usually put a rose somewhere in my art. This is a way of saying hello to my wife, whose middle name is just that; Rose. Today I will try and find some people to read my blog, if I have the energy. Wow! I just hawked-up a Smurf!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Alright. I made it two days in a row. It's a record. I'm too tired to ssay much tonight. At least I got the sketch in. Later.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Now, Finally! This is why I started this blog in the first place. Talk about hot rods, and the art that represents them. This is a quick 10 min sketch for today's blog. I will try to do one of these a day, err, or when I post. I love to do this stuff, quick sketches. Sometimes it's hard to do this when I'm working on a commission job, or an important item that I want to be just right. I'll get so caught up in the final product, that I will lose that " relaxed feeling". Anybody know what I'm talking about? When I draw quickly; the lines flow in a manner that truly represent my own style. Good or bad, what ever people may think, it's me; my stuff, and that is when it's fun. But as soon as I start drawing what the client wants-I'm screwed! This causes my proportions to go all over the place, and I get stuck trying to make something that does not represent me, fit within the scope of my particular style. Anyway, that's why I'm gonna try to sketch as much as I can for my blog. It's kind of a "back to the basics" sort of exercise. Make sense?
Well, I linked up my on-line store with this blog. The first time I've ever done anything like that, wasn't too hard. Well, if you consider four hours of trial and error, followed by two more hours of saying things like " What the f-*#K!", easy. Then hay, It was a piece of cake.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

OK, so I'm finally back on this thing. I've been real busy getting work done for clients. One new client is an engineer from out of town who works as an inventor. He hired me to do his patent illustrations for him. It's pretty cool stuff. Most of the time, I'm doing exploded views of the components that make up the mechanisms of his inventions. The work is pretty easy, but I'm going to have to learn how to do it on the computer. Right now, I'll draw everything by hand, then scan it in and e-mail him the finished product. Doing it electronically would make revisions, and storage a lot easier; not to mention the repeatability factor. So I've got adobe illustrator, and I'm stumbling through it, eventually it will click, and my analog brain will become digitized. I tried to digitize my brain last weekend, but wound up with a hangover. Regarding artwork; my goal is to have something up here by the end of the weekend. Time to go,I would say goodbye, but I'm only talking to myself. Nobody cares:(
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