Sunday, April 22, 2007

Drive Your Ride

This is another portrait for a rod owner here in Sac. This 36 Dodge belongs to an actual Professor of Art at the local junior college. I was pretty nervous presenting it to her, yes, she's a she. and SHE did all of her own sheet metal work, and welding on this little beauty. It's flat black with red steelies, and white walls. The truck has been dropped, and has had a sbc dropped into it as well. This thing is quite the old skool looker. The body isn't perfect, but it all fits well, and is a solid driver. The owner actually won "Best daily driver" at the Capitol City Cruisers car show last weekend. That's where I saw the truck, and luckily enough for me, was hired by it's kind owner, to illustrate it's portrait. This truck really says rat, with a capital "R". The original "teardrop aluminum trailer is hers as well, and accompanied the truck at the car show. The red pin stripes, and chrome bullet style axle caps give off the feel of an old rod from the fifty's, but they didn't have A/C in rods back then. Yup! She even installed air conditioning in it- ( but don't worry- I won't tell any Kustom Kulture purists about it if you don't) All in all, Great truck, great lady, now if only her husband will let her take me for a ride?

Friday, April 06, 2007

Home-Made Yama-Harley

Here is a bike that I just completed. I drew it on my lunch break at work. It is drawn in regular old ink, on copier paper. Simple enough, but I think it came out pretty well. It's not exactly correct- because I didn't have any particular bike in mind, and I was without a reference photo. So it's just from my head. Look close enough, and you'll see what I mean. It's kind of a mutt, as bikes are concerned. But it was fun to make the stuff up. I've got the shirts ordered for the show next week, and I'm still without cards. I think I'll have that taken care of by Tuesday, hopefully.
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