Tuesday, October 16, 2007


I recently received a curious email from the printing outfit that does my on-line store printing. The message informed me of how some of my images are infringing on the intellectual rights of Ford Motor Company. This bewildered me, mainly because most of my work is for individuals, and their own cars, as apposed to pleasing to the masses by doing generic logo type shirt designs. So I check out my store, and sure enough- all of the "Ford" vehicles were flagged, and subsequently frozen from further sales. I contacted my hosting/ printing company, and they informed me that Ford , along with other vehicle makers had made infringement statements to all designs, they felt, were guilty. I basically drew people's hot rods. Because they were "Ford" hot hods- Ford feels as though they have proprietary rights over those images. Does anyone have any info on this? The attorney has yet to return my calls, and my designs are still being held hostage.
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