Thursday, November 22, 2007

Rat Rod Series

This is the first illustration of a new series I am producing for print. I'm straying away from the previous year's focus, or lack of focus. This last year, I put most of my efforts toward client's personal vehicles, and found it to be not nearly as rewarding as I thought. People, for the most part, love artwork, and really want it. Especially when it's personalized with their own subject matter. Unfortunately for the artist, that is where the love affair ends. For some reason, most people don't think artwork is worth the time it takes to produce. If a plumber charges $60.00 an hour, and works on your house for three hours, you'll whip out your checkbook for $120.00, and think nothing of it. But if an artist wants half of that to do the same amount of work, he is perceived to be overcharging. Ironically enough, you can teach just about anybody how to be a plumber. Go figure. Anyway, I'll no longer pursue commissioned work. When people approach me about it, it usually goes a little better. Only about 75% of them are shocked that artist actually charge for their services. Selling prints, and finished artwork is much more lucrative anyway. Anybody else have similar issues?


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