Friday, March 30, 2007


I'll be vending at my first car show next month here in Sac. The Capital City Cruisers will be hosting the show in Ranch Cordova, near Vintage Ford, on April 15Th. Rex Roden, with the club, has been a great source for info to me, as I anxiously attempt to get ready for the show. I'll be selling a few shirts, mugs, prints etc. Not a whole lot of stuff, just enough to get a feel for how my designs are received. I might do a little airbrushing, but I want to use this opportunity to learn as much as I can. So I might just hold back on doing too much for right now. The shirts I'm doing are similar to the ones at the store, but a little different. This is because I'm going to a local printer for the bulk order. Plus, the shirts will be screened, as opposed to laser printed. For this, Ive had to really start learning the Adobe side of the craft. There really is a lot to learn within this industry. I thought I could just paint, and be happy. But Noo! I actually have to learn something. It's really fun though. This is helping to raise my skill level, and open my eyes to the business side of the art. Good stuff- I'll post more info on this as time goes by.


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