Sunday, November 26, 2006

Free Artwork

I realized I haven't posted in nearly a week, so I better blog. This 57 Ford was drawn for a guy I met at another blog site. I wanted to do this, because I hadn't done one of these before, and it gave me a chance to work with color. I think I've been avoiding color, because I was getting so comfortable with grays. Well, sometimes you gotta get out of the comfort zone if you wish to progress as an artist. I'm not totally happy with it-but what artist is ever satisfied with his own art. I think it could use smoother transitions between highlights, and some of the line work could use a little help. Hey, it was a quickie, and an experiment with color. I will be doing a lot more with color from now on. However, don't be surprised to see some of the ole black and white as well. I really like the effect of grey tones.

This one, like some of the others is easily purchased on various items in my online store. Like this gentleman, I could draw your car, and Boom! You have everything from t-shirts, to mouse pads, to posters, at your fingertips. You could buy one item, or fifty; it really doesn't matter. Either way, you save money. This is really cool for car clubs. Each member could have their own car on their own shirts, and at the same time have the club logo on all of the shirts within the club. Usually, everybody in the club agrees to a generic shirt, and they add the club logo to it. Where is the individualism in that? Club members are members because it's fun to hang out with different people with different cars. Even if it's a car specific club, like "camaros or model A's" each member wants their own car to be their own. If one guy paints his car the same color as another guy in the club, or ads the same wheels, someone might get a little irritated; heck, some guys would get downright mad. Each member wants to be different within the club. Right? So why buy the same old shirt as everybody else in the club? Have the same "club" logo, but have your own car. Makes sense to me.



Anonymous ms p jones said...

nice pic!!! i like the color effect very nice and calm... a calm orange...i am drawing now!! i am drawing japanese anamae and i can draw deers!! yay!! u are such a good artist!!! i dont know how much i can say that but u are!!! luv ya!

8:14 PM  
Anonymous ms p jones said...

i have the time place and day for my recital... ill let u know later i guess.

8:18 AM  

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