Tuesday, June 26, 2007

46 Ford

Here is a shirt design for a guy here in Sac. The car has a chevy LS1 motor, and he was installing a new leather interior while I have been doing the artwork. The designs were completed in AI, while the cars themselves were hand illustrated, inked with prisma color ink, and then airbrushed for smooth transitions. The guys name is Tom (obviously), and he was very pleased with the work. He was tired of wearing someone elses car on his shirts, while driving his ford to the shows. So as soon as the work was uploaded, he bought a few shirts, and they are on their way to his house as I type. I can't wait to see his cool new shirts this weekend at the local drive in. He he. I get a kick out of seeing my shirts in public. The web site is under way (www.johnnymacillustration.com) and I am currently working on two illy's for Iron Slave Choppers-a kustom bike shop here in town. The work is inked, and ready for color. I'll be done with them tomorrow, but I'll have to have them scanned to disc at a print shop, as the work is too large for my scanner. See Ya.


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